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Bent Creek: A Collection of Photos [eBook]

$9.99 USD

Bent Creek, North Carolina --

From the dam below Lake Powhatan to the thick laurel hells above the NC Arboretum’s gate, this collection of photographs documents the one-mile fishable portion of Bent Creek as I have experienced it as an angler. Under a tree pictured in these pages, I caught my first trout on a dry fly. Since then I return every spring, stalking Bent Creek’s cloistered pools and losing countless flies in search of fish hiding under its rotten stumps and virulent brambles. This spring I returned with my camera. Though I always release my trout, I’ve kept these photos as a record of the creek that taught me to fish.

  • Two dozen carefully crafted photos of Bent Creek.
  • Traditional intimate-landscape photography using medium format film
  • Micro-documentary focus on the one-mile fishable portion of the creek
  • Bent Creek represents innumerable American creeks--and our treatment of them
  • Recounts a personal pilgrimage as a fisherman and photographer
  • ALL PROCEEDS thru 2022 donated to The Pisgah Conservancy

***  PHYSICAL BOOK AVAILABLE at my wall at Marquee Asheville, Marquee, 36 Foundy St, Asheville, NC 28801 ***